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Pillows are our business

What We Do


The Pillow Cleaner has provided a unique service to Hotels, Residential Colleges, Nursing Homes and the public for over 25 years. All pillows flatten with use reducing support and comfort. Covers become stained and discoloured. We  offer a full renovation service using Germicidal Ultraviolet, Ozone-emitting light and our “Pillow Fresh” fragrance to kill bacteria and deodorise the filling before return to a new cover.


We take your old, stained and flat pillow and within 4 minutes:

•   Remove old stained cover
•   Treat filling to kill bacteria
•   Deodorise and Fluff up
•   Add extra filling as required
•   Place back into a New Cover
   Return to you as-new

New Pillows

As a result of years of experience cleaning and renovating all types of pillows we are able to advise, recommend and supply the best type of new pillow for your needs. Manufacture to your specifications, specialise in Pillow Menu setup.